Lost Souls Forever

How do you like to visualize your favorite cultural icons?
Like you would your friends, maybe? Welcoming, smiling, joshing, affectionate, comforting, safe? If so, turn away now! In Marc’s world these guys are no-one’s friends. Take Jamie T for example, confronting you starkly from ‘your side’ of the picture. Or Goldie, transformed, right there, right in your face.

Intriguing, challenging and above all unsettling, Marc’s work has a sculpted, stylized, almost architectural quality, depicting familiar faces threatening your world, flanked by blank, dystopian townscapes. The style is borderline deco, but the subject matter certainly isn’t. It’s as if someone has parachuted Tamara de Lempicka into a post nuclear London populated by a handful of dislocated celebs and asked her to paint what she sees before they can get to her.

So give it a go. Try and stare back as these faces confront you. And then dare yourself to keep staring, but only if you think you’re ‘ard enough.